Buy The Toaster a Drink?

Help us out by sporting for a fill-up?

$20 will provide us with one of the roughly 45+ fill-ups we'll need.

For you:

  • - Praise and attention on social media for your fill-up
  • - A postcard sent from the state of your fill-up
  • - The satisfaction of vicariously joining us on our trip

Let us take you with us (virtually) with your $20 fill-up!*

$20 (One Fill-Up) - or - Any Other Amount

* Please include your name, address for your postcard, and whether we should link you on Facebook or not.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who are you again?
We are Kathy and Bryce from the SF Bay Area of California.

What are you doing?
Taking a vacation across the country and back in our 50-year old 1967 Volkswagen Westfalia camper bus.

Northern route to New York, central route back. Details as we go along via facebook, or if you ask.

June 28th - July 26th, 2017.

This is something we have always wanted to do, in this bus, "The Toaster," which used to belong to Bryce's grandparents.

You're asking for money from me?
Sure. Yes.

Kind of like buying a friend a drink, we're hoping you'll treat our VW to a drink of gas. Whether already a good friend or acquaintance, if you've received postcards from us for years, enjoyed cheese with us or seen a theatre production we've done, we're just hoping you'll think: "Yeah, $20? I'd love to buy 'The Toaster' a drink of gas for Bryce & Kathy's trip."

So, this isn't a charity thing?
Nope. Any funds received go into the tank for our trip.

What's in it for me?
Our thanks. A feeling of kindness on your part, PLUS we're going to send you a postcard from the state we use your $20 in for the fill up. We'll dedicate that fill-up to you. We'll post pictures of YOUR fill-up on Facebook, praising you while showing how happy we, and The Toaster, are for the drink you provided.

OK, OK, I want in. What do you need?
$20. PayPal works great; there's a ink above. Or get us $20 before we leave June 28th. Include your name, a mailing address for your postcard, and whether or not you want to be linked on Facebook with the photo(s) of fill-up.